I felt it was appropriate to jot down some thoughts regarding this episode because it’s such a turning point in the drama. It’s slightly disconcerting, the fact that the drama points to a usurpation of the throne in order for the 4th prince to become the next emperor.

I’ve mixed feelings on this, much like Ruo Xi (see! I’m totally becoming her! Lol if only). Because she knows how history ends up and the devastation that awaits the 8th, 10th and 14th prince, yet she is in love with the 4th prince/now emperor so she is torn. While it is necessary for the 4th prince to become emperor to release the 13th prince, yet he faces so many political opponents. The drama subliminally makes us question whether the 14th prince would be a better emperor, which divides me. So far from what I perceive, the 14th prince is righteous and has a strong sense of brotherhood (though there is uncertainty – at this point - whether he played any part in the 8th prince’s downfall, I’m leaning towards a no), and I feel that he may have possibly released the 13th prince if Ruo Xi asked him earnestly because he himself had begged for the 13th prince earlier. If he were to become emperor, his allies would’ve had a more comfortable lifestyle. Yet, the fate of Ruo Xi and the 4th prince would be uncertain, though I have an inkling that the 4th prince would be in the background trying to orchestrate something else so peace may not prevail anyways. However, the 4th prince is undoubtedly worthy of being emperor if we’re simply looking at his capabilities. He is intelligent, thorough and is not an inherently bad person; if anything, he’s a circumstantial baddie. It’s saddening though, to see him punish those who wronged him or threatened him, no matter how reasonable and necessary it is to silence the claims against his legitimacy as emperor. I’m just sad that everything had to come to this. I know, I knew of it but I went forward with watching the drama, and I really have no one to blame.. So lament I shall.

Okay, Ruo Xi just uncovered that 4th prince is behind the 8th prince’s downfall. Aww, my feels. Now the 14th prince is even more pitiful. Really, we need to transport the 14th prince to modern day so he can meet me and I will console him hehe. Gah. No but really, when he comes back and I see his face, my heart will probably break for him. WHY?!

Something that I’ve come to appreciate with a more acute awareness, thanks to BBJX, is the loneliness and troubles that goes on inside the Forbidden City. I’m going to be completely honest: as much as I love TVB, they don’t delve very far below the surface with palace dramas - most likely, because they don’t need to. Kang Xi’s worries of the brothers making political allies to oust each other, and his ruthlessness towards those who try to break the bond may seem extreme yet it’s questionable how we went about that. I mean, by leaving the crown prince role unassigned meant that there will be an even fiercer battle between the brothers. Also, I do feel sorry for the 8th prince because while he is ambitious and orchestrates a lot of the political schemes, he seems to do so to bring glory to his beloved mother and finally receive his father’s approval.  

After the 4th prince becomes emperor, the loneliness of being an emperor is even more blatant. It’s sad that the only two people he trusts are Ruo Xi and the 13th prince, yet even now, the 13th prince has placed some distance between the two. His only comfort is Ruo Xi. Being an emperor, he can’t open his heart to others because then he can easily lose the authority and respect of his subordinates. His mother favours his brother, the 14th prince, and it’s obvious he will never gain her love. The role of an emperor is one which is filled with emptiness, all your worries are internalised, and at times, you must shut your heart off and do what your brain dictates is right for the bigger picture. I guess the quote, with great power comes great responsibility rings true.

It’s so painful seeing the 13th prince after 10 years. He looks haggard and soulless, no longer that fun-loving gentleman I remember. I don’t know whether it’s being back in the kingdom where life is run by rules and the power struggles are imminent. Maybe he enjoyed that life banished from the politics, with his loved one by his side, living day by day.  It’s so tragic when she is coerced to leave him, and then ends her life. I feel so pained for the 13th prince, he’s suffered so much already and there was so much hope for them, to build their family. It’s sad how background is everything, and she is looked down upon for working in a brothel back then, however, I just want to scream injustice at those jealous wives that she was the one who suffered the hardships alongside their beloved husbands whilst they hung around at their nice abode. I just want to hug him seeing him so shut off from everything. He deserves so much happiness, yet ironically, his release saw his happiness stripped from him.

Honestly, getting to the depressing stages of this drama is getting me down and I’m trying to emotionally disconnect myself from the drama so I don’t end up feeling hurt and depressed myself. Trying to numb myself makes this a bit of a tiring watch at this point, but caring about the characters too much will make it harder later. Oh, the dilemmas of watching melodramas. At the end of the day, this drama is really well done and leaves me melancholic yet moved. MELODRAMAS GAH! I really need a lighter drama to follow this (aka not the drama I had planned aka Nice Guy lol. That would be an overdose of melodrama). I might look towards Answer Me 1997, because I’ve heard great things about that one.

PS. I don’t really want to be Ruo Xi anymore, at this point LOL. Actually, HELLS TO THE YEAH Ruo Xi, smash that bitch. 


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