Since my last post regarding School 2013, I’ve gotten up to episode 9. Yet, I’m still in love with this drama… if not more than I was then. I don’t know how it does it, but this drama remains refreshingly different. What amazes me is that whilst it is still a drama, it doesn’t feel like a drama (or K-drama, really) because the conflicts are much more realistic and practically handled than well, a lot of other dramas.

 Episode 9 has become one of my favourite episodes to date because there is just so much bromance. It makes me squeal like crazy and giddy like no other. Sadly though, in dramaland there cannot be too much happiness, so there is trouble on the teacher’s front. Horrible I know, because I adore Se Chan and In Jae together – which means I abhor the parents and the principal (probably, a bit more annoyance at the parents who not leaving the school to operate).  On that issue, it really frustrates me and boggles my mind because it is so farfetched compared to my schooling experiences. I would obviously be annoyed if a couple of domineering parents were running around, making decisions that the administration are meant to make, when it will affect the whole student body or cohort. Grr.

Yes, believe it, Heung Soo is SMILING! WITH TEETH! 

There has been a whole lot of revelation regarding Heung Soo and Nam Soon’s shared history and it’s so exciting. We now know that Nam Soon was the cause of Heung Soo’s leg injury because he was scared of being left behind, and that just reveals so much about Nam Soon’s personality and fears. The scene where Nam Soon was going to drop out and give up on Heung Soo brought tears to my eyes. I just sit there and scream at them through the screen, for them to kiss and make up already. Like seriously, you know you want to! Anyways, thanks to Jung Ho’s irritating attempt to ruin things for Nam Soon and Heung Soo, ironically, it brings them together through fighting together as one again – albeit, very briefly. However, that’s definitely enough to get on my heartstrings and make me soooo pumped for their reunion… and it’s epicness. More awesomeness unfolds as they are paired with Se Chan to carry out school service for having too many absences which results in all sorts of cuteness.

Our lost little lamb on his way back to the herd. And he's a cutie too. 

Another thing I’m grateful for is that the writers of this show has truly developed characters which are relatable; to the extent where everyone is fleshed out, or at the very least, has a purpose or personality. In the recent episode, In Jae advises Ji Hoon (one of Jung Ho’s sidekicks) to think for himself and understand that having strength and bullying others cannot solve problems when you enter the real world. Teacher Jo chips in and hints that between a gangster and police officer, he should aim for the police officer because his palm readings indicate so. This gives Ji Hoon some inspiration to find a path for himself, and he ends up wanting to enrol into vocational school. In Jae is so delighted (my heart melts for her!) yet she has to let him down (and herself) when she tells him that his absences render his hopes to basically nil. He is so distraught, and it’s etched on his face, with the realisation that his change of heart came too late. He laments that he thought if he was willing to change, to start putting in the effort, there would be a glimpse of hope and he can achieve anything. Thus, In Jae pleads with him to hold onto that determination for a little longer while she seeks other options for him to strive towards his goal. Jung Ho (the bully) overhears the conversation and is furious at Ji Hoon for … having a dream. It’s sad, yet it’s realistic… when someone doesn’t have a dream themselves, it seems almost natural for them to want their friends to be dragged along with them because once they reach their dream, they’re afraid of being abandoned. In the same way that Nam Soon didn’t want to be left behind by Heung Soo. The very root of their insecurities is their own lack of motivation, of not having that passion that drives them and their attachment to the idea of just bumming with their friends forever and being content with that. However, Ji Hoon is determined to change for the better and confronts Jung Ho, which ends up with a beating. Things escalate and Jung Ho grabs a piece of wood, but before hitting Ji Hoon with it, Ji Hoon taunts him: asking if Jung Ho wanted to cripple him like Nam Soon had done to Heung Soo. He falters but we know that he won’t relent because he’s a bit of a stubborn mule.

At least the setting was pretty...

In Jae, Se Chan and the principal are in trouble because the parents meddle way too much, without realising how annoying they are. Yes, let’s toss around the words “for the kids” when really it’s all because they want to feel in control. Basically, because the teaching styles of In Jae and Se Chan clash and the principal made the kids choose, forcing them to cut class, the parents have some ‘dirt’ to blackmail the principal with. Of course, they choose Se Chan because they’re controlling parents hence they probably don’t want someone else teaching their kids about ethics and morals anyways. Honestly, this part frustrates me because the teachers seriously need to step it up. They’re inconsistency is only confusing the kids and isn’t productive. I understand that In Jae wants a class where everyone is and can engage in. However, they should combine their wits and teach the RELEVANT MATERIAL in an ENGAGING manner aka group activities. I don’t understand why she has to teach them poems if they aren’t relevant to the college exam at all; in the same line of thought, if there is any hope in the education system in Korea, the college entrance material would have something that they can learn from as people. They really should just learn to collaborate and compromise.

That being said, I’d rather that conflict than say… some makjang fest. And gallons of tears.


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