Okay, amidst the tough wait for new episodes, I resumed watching The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry...yet I'm left slightly disappointed. Frankly speaking, I just feel disconnected with the lead characters and their approach to love and relationships. It may be an issue of cultural upbringing or it could simply be the fact that I'm at a different stage of my life compared to the ladies of the show, and whilst that doesn't usually impede on my viewing of a drama, their age does play a significant role in this drama so to speak. As shallow as it sounds, so far I'm only attracted to Kim Bum's character because he's such a cutie and he's such a womanizer.

Shin Young... I connect with her the most, yet she still boggles me for some reason. I'm prideful as well, however, I don't get why she lets her pride get in the way of confronting Min Jae when she hears about the bet... so they can sort out their damn misunderstanding. It seems like everyone in K-drama has issues with confronting others, just so these misunderstandings can conveniently boil into something bigger and more dramatic. However, it makes these dramas so much more tiring to watch because it's just frustrating to know that they're holding back on their feelings over some itty bitty pride issue they have. Another thing I can't understand is why she would get back together with her ex and just 'settle for reality' when she herself knows that there is no spark between them. It's just... strange. Why wouldn't you want to explore your options with a younger guy who makes your heart race instead of settling with an ex who you barely have feelings for? Yes, it's the safe choice, but she's spent her whole life sacrificing for her career and taking risks.. you'd think she would apply that same mentality to her love life. But no, her love life is always on the back burner because career comes first. It'd make more sense to me if she decided to stay single instead of going back to Sang Woo.. hmm.

Da Jung annoys me. She's the type of friend I would loathe. She seems rather self-absorbed and just instigates all the time. There is so much jealousy between her and Shin Young which appears typical of so many K-drama friendships. Considering they've known each other for so long, why can't they care for each other a tad more than being bothered about who has it better or who gets the better guy etc. Also, I don't really care about her romance with the doctor because... it was so ... sudden to me.

Min Jae's mum has also met Sang Woo and hearts are set aflutter. Meh. I can't seem to care about her either, and it's so weird seeing her all gushy when prior to that she was playing the role of the overbearing mother. Gah...

I get that this drama is exploring many different relationships and trying to reflect the love lives of those women in their 30s.. but I just can't seem to connect with it.


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