I am really starting to fall deeply for this drama. It has everything you could ask for in a drama - beautiful cinematography, well-rounded characters with actual motives (thus, aren't simply plot devices to create drama for drama's sake), interesting and intense story line coupled with appropriate lighter moments and mesmerizing chemistry between the whole cast. And eye candy, everywhere. ALL DEM BOYS. 

Apart from the cute interactions between the cast, things get a bit more serious on the power struggles side. The 9th prince, who is on the 8th prince's side, has been receiving bribes and embezzling funds that were meant to be for the civilians in need. The 4th prince was put in charge of investigating corrupt officials. He warns 8th prince, essentially for him to pass on the message to 9th prince to put a halt to his unlawful activities. Note, this is not only to 'save' his brother but a strategic move on his part as well. The crown prince in the meantime, also puts a stop to his illegal activity. The 9th princes' subordinates spur him to continue, mocking him for listening to orders when he himself is a prince. Provoked, he ends up continuing to embezzle funds. Thus, put in a tough position, the 4th prince confronts the 8th prince of this matter and asks him what he should do. The 8th prince tells him to do what he has to do - report everything to the emperor; as he knows the emperor is unlikely to cause a commotion or severely punish those involved. However, this ruffles feathers on both sides, as the 9th prince (who is rash and cocky) takes revenge in the form of harassing the 13th prince's close lady friend, because of her 'lowly status'. The 14th prince interferes and rescues her, because he was thankful for the 13th prince's prior help, and the fact that he doesn't want to cause a fight between the two brothers.

Due to Ruo Xi's good relations with the Mongolians, and the emperor's fondness of her, as well as her prestigious background the crown prince requests her hand in marriage to the emperor. He is hesitant and does not promise the crown prince anything because he wanted to carefully consider since Ruo Xi has become someone he trusts and cherish and thus, her marriage is an important decision to him. The news hits Ruo Xi with a bolt of shock, as she never anticipated the move (though she understood his motives) and she loathes the idea of having to marry the unworthy crown prince. The 14th prince was present at the time that the news was relayed to her, and he immediately informs the 8th prince of this. The 4th prince also becomes aware of the situation. In order to 'rescue' her, they join forces to bring attention to the crown prince's misdeeds. With the pressure and attention on the character of the crown prince, focus is removed from his desire to marry Ruo Xi for the time being.

Due to the realisation dawning on Ruo Xi that she has no control over who she will be betrothed to and that eventually, in the near future, she will have to be married off, she is forced to confront her feelings. Her insistence to cut ties with the 8th prince leaves him suffering. However, she slowly opens her heart to the 4th prince (cue hella cute interactions!) and we see them revealing their feelings for each other subtly. The 8th prince is somehow aware of their feelings for each other, as he has always paid attention to her closely and notices the tense atmosphere between the two whenever their gazes meet. The 14th prince relents on his pestering of Ruo Xi for 'toying' with the 8th prince's emotions. I feel as if their friendship is deepening, so that with the risk of her marrying the crown prince, he realises that all that he wants for her is to be happy. The 13th prince becomes aware of her past relationship with the 8th prince, but does not mind (because he is so damn cool) and promises her not to tell the 4th prince because if he does... shit will hit the roof.



I am so damn jealous of Ruo Xi and find myself imagining how I would fare if I was magically transported to that time. Let's just say ... it probably wouldn't be as good as BBJX. But damn, I so wish I were her. I mean, she's surrounded by these cute, righteous and chivalrous men. I love her cute interactions with the 4th prince, and I feel bad for the 8th prince. But it's her friendships with the 10th, 13th and 14th prince that has my heart all gooey. Can I please have the 13th and 14th prince to myself? They are so good looking and ... loyal. Whilst the 14th prince can be a bit annoying with his forcefulness and belief that she should be with the 8th prince, he obviously cares a lot for her well-being and genuinely wants the best for her. It's just what he thinks is the best for her, may not be the best for her The 13th prince is just so ... easygoing and chill. I would so want to watch a spin-off drama with him as the main. He is so handsome, yet righteous and free-spirited. It rings so true when Ruo Xi mentions what a pity it is that he was born in the royal family, pit between his brothers and caught in the numerous power struggles and restrictions when he is a free spirit. I  totally agree, and I believe he should transport to our times. And meet me. And fall in love with me. If only.

I'm scared of falling too deep and getting too emotionally attached to these characters and their amazing friendships because like Ruo Xi, I know what's going to happen. And it kills me inside. I don't want to see MY BOYS fight to the death over the throne, and I don't want to see them turn on each other and betray and scheme against each other. I JUST WANT IT TO BE ALL HAPPY LA LA. But in dramaland, that will never happen. WHY?! I can sense the impending doom and I dread it ... I'm scared that by the end of the drama, I will be in tears and my heart will be shattered, leaving a hollow emptiness. I so should've waited till the sequel was to be released so I could just marathon it instead of having to pine after it now. Oh and I have seen a glimpse of the ending, so I know it will be sad already. Sigh. My heart cannot take this!


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