Something must be terribly wrong with how stars have aligned for my day today because all three dramas that I am currently immersed in have delivered immense heartbreak. Sigh, can a girl’s heart get some rest?! Cue, rant from a heartbroken lady. 


First heartbreak of the night. I’m currently up to Episode 13 of King of Dramas and just as I got comfortable with the idea that the annoying Empire guys have relented… the people behind King of Dramas decide to drop a bombshell on us all. And it was horrific. 

As I’m now used to, King of Dramas almost always ends with some kind of cliff-hanger that is meant to leave us anxious and worried for the cast that they’ve made us fall in love with. Grr, how dare they toy with my emotions! This episode, we briefly meet an extra who comes up to thank Anthony for giving him the opportunity to act in numerous productions and says that his family is also grateful for the income. Aww, I think deep down a part of Anthony must be feeling pretty proud of himself that he was able to provide someone else some comfort through making dramas in the same way that he found comfort through dramas. However, when shooting resumes and the extra coughs and covers up the main actors on screen, he is replaced. Aww. He asks for another chance, explaining that they had waited so long in the cold hence the cough. Man, I feel for him. I know, I fell into this trap. Chance denied in the cold, cruel world of dramas. The extra who replaces him is concerned for his condition and tells him to find a place to rest. Which he does… only it is the shooting location for the next scene. A fire scene. 

By now I’m holding my face in my hands and trying to avoid the inevitable. A hint of hope is granted when Hyun Min walks into the shed to privately talk on his phone, and notices the ill man. Only to be distracted again by his clingy girlfriend. Sigh. Out he walks and then the scene cuts to Anthony asking PD Joo whether he confirmed with the fire fighters that they would be on call. PD Joo apologises and says he forgot because he was out looking for Go Eun and Anthony yesterday when they got lost. More sighing my way. Anthony scolds him slightly then tells him to confirm it first before allowing shooting to go ahead. Nice call, Anthony. Once it’s confirmed that the fire fighters will arrive 10 minutes later, shooting starts. The shed is lit on fire, and we see the man coughing and next we know it, he’s unconscious. Aww. Hyun Min begins filming the scene where he’s supposed to be desperately looking for Min Ah, until he belatedly realises that the shed was where the extra was resting earlier. As the Director asks what’s the matter, he screams that someone is in there. My heart is shattering, because I know that Morning in Kyungsung has come so damn far just to get here and if there is a death on set, there will be crazy outrage and netizens will go berserk. Not to mention that extra was so … endearing despite only being featured for a tiny while. His enthusiasm and gratefulness is so heart-warming and sincere. 

With Hyun Min’s alarm, everyone rises from their seats and surrounds the shed. Anthony asks PD Joo about the firefighters, and he replies that they are on his way. At this point, I’m trusting in Anthony and literally begging for him to storm in there and save that poor old man. Which we end the episode on Anthony storming in. AND THEN WHAT? I don’t know. Sadly. I can only assume that Anthony is safe from the previews but I don’t know about the old man. I can only hope he is safe, but in hospital. The previews also show Director Goo quitting, probably from the guilt (of not checking that there was no one inside, not because of his death I’m praying). Hyun Min being the genius that he is, is going to fabricate some reel to real love story for the media to buy into featuring himself and Min Ah. Of course, who else would he care about apart from himself? Min Ah, on the other hand, tries to one-up her love rival Go Eun by telling her that she and Anthony are planning on “doing well” together. Yet, Anthony is seen to be asking Go Eun about something wanting an answer “from the other night”. Despite the romantic undertones, I’m assuming this is in regards to the contract renewal because I can’t see Anthony’s feelings develop to that point yet. 


Honestly, I’ve been meaning to type up my preliminary thoughts for this drama earlier on, but I’ve been procrastinating. I’ve also tried twice to recap some episodes but failed because I don’t enjoy it as much, for some odd reason (read: I’m lazy). 

I love this drama for everything that is has been so far. Which is an awesome-sauce concoction of meta, amazing comedic timing, off-the-charts chemistry between the producer-writer couple and the actor-actress couple (which has me wondering how many real life couples are there behind the scenes on these dramas hehe), the quality of acting that all four leads bring to the drama, the logical flow of events attributed to the amazing writing and the wonderful execution that keeps the pace of the drama ever so suspenseful and intense, yet light. 

Some cuteness to alleviate the pain. 

I adore the actors and love how they just embody their characters. Kim Myung Min is a definite stand out and leaves me wondering if I’ve seen any of his other dramas (a quick Dramawiki search reveals I haven’t. Oops). However, now, I think it won’t be the same because I will just see him as Anthony Kim. Amazing Anthony Kim… with the three piece suits, occasional fur trimmed. I love the little nuances that make Anthony Kim so unique from his steely glares, to his slight smiles and all those little moments where his façade is shaken. His portrayal of Anthony Kim as someone who tucks his heart away underneath all that bravado is so enamouring. Go Eun is a slightly less complex character on the surface. She is the persistent, righteous and idealistic writer whose efforts are rewarded with a loving mother who always supports her, a team of adorable colleagues who are ever so considerate of her, Anthony Kim who believes in her (even though he sometimes doesn’t even believe in himself, *squeals*) and um, Hyun Min… who gifts her whenever she yields to him, or so he assumes. 

Director Goo getting ready to lecture our egotistic leads. Haha.

Hyun Min is the classic and marvellous comic relief, who I adore. I’m no SuJu fangirl nor was I ever crazy about Si Won but damn he brings Hyun Min to life with his wacky expressions (which I’ve caught glimpses of on Running Man, but that was like 1% of what he  exhibits with Hyun Min). I hope I don’t become too much of a convert because well, his next project is seemingly another … sappy romance. But it’s ok, I’ll probably watch it for Yuan Hong as well *swoons*. Min Ah is a bit of a … perplexing character. I adore her with Hyun Min but I don’t like her story arc with Anthony. It’s a bit cliché that she has to Go Eun’s love rival and Anthony’s ex. But I can see how her character is meant to bring the ‘inner conflict’ to the set when y’know the Evil Empire stop hassling these guys. For once and for all. One day…. Director Goo is another underrated favourite of mine, with every appearance, though short, speaks tons of his principles as a director. I love how he’s considerate of the staff yet understands the nature of actors; his boldness and wits with trolling his leads and his overall awesomeness as a director. 

Anyways, I’m really enjoying this drama and have read that an extension is confirmed. I trust the guys behind this awesome drama enough to make it work. I don’t follow writers or PDs so I don’t know much about them, but fingers crossed. I’m really glad that I serendipitously gave this drama a shot because I’d never really considered this drama when I first read the synopsis. I just remember seeing Jung Ryeo Won posting a pic of her being all cheerful (as Go Eun is) in front of the poster as I was downloading Nice Guy and next thing I knew, I was like “hmm let’s give this a chance”. One episode in and I was hooked. And every episode that followed just kept reeling me in. This is shaping up to one of my favourite K-drama comedies because I just love the dry humour and how well it keeps the drama light despite the endless conflicts. 


SIGH SIGH SIGH. Confession: I started this drama for Lee Jong Suk because I adored him in Secret Garden. So naturally, I love Go Nam Soon as well. But beyond that, he is truly a worthy character to love because he is just so layered and complex, with his brooding and mysteriousness. Not to mention I have a weakness for those quiet, mysterious types. 

Which means I was bound for a mess of heartbreak and tears because as we left off from last episode, Nam Soon was caught in a “little scuffle” with the schoolyard bullies Oh Jung Ho and co. as they were trying to establish who was the school ‘jjang’ between him and Heung Soo. Due to their ambiguous past, Nam Soon became aggressive when Jung Ho was threatening to permanently damage Heung Soo’s leg. How evil. I keep hoping to see some good in him, but seriously, he really crosses the line in so many instances – hitting his female who is his teacher, and now trying to intentionally cripple someone? Gosh. Regardless of whatever underlying issues he has, he needs to get himself sorted out before I throw something at him via my beloved computer. Though I probably wouldn’t enjoy that too much. Or the aftermath of it anyways. 

Anyways, due to the fight and how good Nam Soon was at beating Jung Ho to a pulp, Jung Ho guesses that he was Tsunami aka the best fighter at his old school. And that he’s a year older and thus, a hyungnim. Though no added respect here. Instead he uses the knowledge to blackmail Nam Soon into doing some shady business for him: steal the maths exam  so he can cheat. The episode actually ends where Jung Ho’s posse turns off the electricity for the school (so the surveillance camera will be switched off) and we see Nam Soon’s hand reaching for the door… 
Man, please don’t do it. DON’T GO DOWN THAT PATH MY BELOVED NAM SOON. As you may realise (or not), I hate drama and conflict in dramas. I just want to see my favourite characters being awesome. And in this case, untainted by the pressures of schoolyard bullying and evil blackmailing and manipulation. It’s all the more depressing because Nam Soon seems to really want to just stay out of trouble and deep down, I don’t think he wants to let In Jae down.

I love how the drama has set up this conflict in this episode so meticulously though. From the little mention of ‘dilemma’ in their literature studies, to In Jae telling them to tell her when they face such situations to the bigger breakdown where the ‘class’ is punished when they bully Ha Kyung by soaking her books and for stealing Teacher Yoo’s USB with the exam papers on them. She tells Nam Soon to bring the broom, but instead she throws that on the ground and starts slapping them with her hands. Every single one, until her hands are red and Se Chan steps in, arm-grabbing her, and leading her out of the room to chide her for being so stupid. Hearing of the commotion, the principal rushes there and asks if the teachers really hit the children (it was prohibited) and Se Chan raised her red hand and said it was the teacher who was punished. Sigh, this scene was so darn heartbreaking because I just felt the realisation dawning on In Jae that raising these kids will be an uphill battle. It hurts when she says they can muck around, not care about studying and fight but for them to think that stealing and distributing the answers and sabotaging another classmate’s study is just wrong. You can tell how disappointed she is in them, and my heart sinks along with hers; as my tears fell when hers did as she punished her kids. They say it hurts a parent more to hit their own kids, and I think that was exactly how she was feeling. So heartbreaking. 

Another thing that broke my heart this episode was learning more about Min Ki. I felt so sad for him whenever his mum is on the scene. My parents were never that intrusive or involved with my studies, so I feel embarrassed for him when his mum keeps rocking up to criticise the school or teachers whenever things don’t go her way. It was so sad when the whole class was actually having fun playing dodgeball and she appears, and he just freezes, the smile wiped off his face. Ah, man. Way to kill the mood. I hate how she tries to mask the intensity of her need for control with a gentle smile and a gentle tone. I felt so bad for him when he said he wished he was 20 because it’s as if life doesn’t exist before then. It’s so depressing, because he seems like such a genuinely nice bloke and sensible enough on his own without an overbearing mother micromanaging him. I am clutching my heart with joy that I was blessed with a mother who is so supportive, adorable and warm. Heck, she supported me through exams by cooking for me and making me warm beverages, not demanding my teachers to re-grade my papers!


This was another drama that I was planning on writing up my initial thoughts on, though I was hesitating because last time I started I was only two episodes in and that seemed a bit too early though I was thoroughly impressed already, by that stage. I am still continually impressed by the drama and how everything is set up – from the way we are introduced to the characters, to the way we are suddenly thrust into their conflicts and are swept away into their lives and thoughts. 

I think what sets this drama apart from other Kdramas is that it’s so realistic and has stripped away all the unnecessary theatrics. Every little arc so far has been plausible and complicated all the same. I really like how the drama depicts the troubles teenagers go through – that although the problems may seem like nothing to adults, it means a lot to the kids who are going through them because they are still growing and still paving a way for their own future. This is why I love In Jae, because she’s so idealistic and she’s so passionate about helping these kids. She genuinely cares and she wants to help them turn their lives around and get them on the right path. Each and every one of them. 


When everything was fine and dandy and I was happy. *tears*

Hot damn. I can’t really complain because I knew going into this drama that heartbreak would be inevitable. But why does it have to be one of my favourite brothers first up? I ADORE the 13th prince, and by extension Yuan Hong, and so it hurt to see him take one for the team when the 8th prince and co.’s people badmouthed the crown prince as if under the 4th prince’s instructions (because they were seemingly allied – on the surface, though they were working for the 8th prince all along, or so Ruo Xi explains). It broke me when the 13th prince bowed to the king and accepted his banishment. But it killed when the 4th prince just silently cried, because that was just how darn strong their bond was. Honestly, the 8th prince and co. may have their little foursome, but there’s something lonesome and hollow, yet in its own way beautiful, how it’s always only the 4th and 13th prince side by side. I just sense this sort of dependency and closeness between the two, whereas on the 8th prince’s side it feels slightly strategic. Though on the surface it may seem like the 8th prince is very kind in taking in the 10th prince who is a little less ‘wise’, however, I feel there is too much ego and clashes of personality. Especially after the crown prince has been denounced, I feel like there will be a lot more scheming on the 8th prince’s side though I haven’t gotten up to that bit yet. 

Onto the interpersonal goodness now. Gosh, I love Ruo Xi and her relationships in this drama. I just wish I was her. I love how she has the courage to speak up for the 13th prince and I love how she’s standing up for her fellow sex. I mean, we know she isn’t that close with the 13th prince’s lady friend, yet she knows how much their bond means to her and she doesn’t want her to be looked down upon by the other. Respect, Ruo Xi. My heart went berserk when the 4th prince shows up in the rain and holds her, in front of the 8th and 14th prince. Honestly, I never really liked her with the 8th prince, there was always something… unsettling about him. He was calm, yet it’s like his hunger for power would creep up anytime. I don’t know if that’s only the vibe I’m getting from Kevin Cheng’s portrayal or if the writers have written the character this way so we can root for the 4th prince… but that’s just my impression. Anyways, by this time, I’ve stopped caring about the sinking ship that is the 8th prince and Ruo Xi… I don’t care if he still loves her or looking out for her, as long as he doesn’t screw things up for the others. 

If there is a silver lining to this episode, it’s the 14th prince. Hallelujah boy! I love how he stays behind regardless of the 8th prince’s little words of advice, and then he sneaks her food. DAMN BOY, ALL THESE FEELS. Why? Because, truly, the way to win my heart is with food. So you know, if I was Ruo Xi, I would’ve married the guy. Haha, jokes aside, it was amazingly sweet and practical. I mean, girl’s been kneeling there for ages, why hasn’t anyone snuck her any food?! Anyways, it’s so cute how he asks her if she would’ve done the same for him if he was the one who was banished and she said she would’ve done it for any of them (aka, YES YES YES!). His face lights up and I just want to hug him, because he’s like a little puppy who needs some validation and loving. I know he feels insecure that she’s closer to the 13th prince, because they’re both free-spirits (though, she’s become pretty restrained in my opinion, but that’s probably realistic considering the setting of the drama and the predicament she’s in) and just get each other whereas he sometimes is a bit of a nitpicker and well, has other motives. Anyways, when he went to the emperor and was begging on the behalf of the 13th prince, I was all gooey inside. Argh, more feels. 

Later, Ruo Xi unearths the tiny mystery that the emperor was behind the spreading of the news about her being punished, probably to test the reactions of the princes. And the 14th prince was the boldest to come begging him, yet he was punished. However, after the crown prince was denounced, he was the one who the emperor came to trust and discuss political issues with. It appears that by standing up for his brother (alliances aside) he really won the emperor’s favour because the emperor loves all things brotherly and that. It’s cute to see him get some loving from his father, though his mum obviously showers him with love already. It’s just the emperor was all caught up in his love for the crown prince (WHY?! The guy was a jerk!) that he basically neglected all his other sons. Anyways, I’m just really dreading the downfall of the 14th prince, whether it be by a fallout within the alliance or by schemes of the 4th prince (who is now being all peaceful and Zen.. on the outside, presumably). By the way, the 14th prince helped resolve the whole 13th prince ordeal, so his lady friend was adopted by some official and taken to the place the 13th prince was to become his maid (which was their whole aim). 


Some BTS cuteness. Glad to see that Nicky has more fun than the 4th prince does!

Beloved princes, please don’t fight. Just don’t. Because my sad little heart will not be able to take it. And gosh. I can feel that the ending will be somewhat tragic. 

Another random thought is that I kind of wish there was some more context around Ruo Xi’s 21st century character, because all we saw of her was her fight with her lousy boyfriend and her telling him off and pow, we’re here. I think what bothers me is that she seemed like such a .. sassy loudmouth there.. and seeing her so restrained and quiet here.. it’s strange. It’s like two different people really. AND I STILL WANT TO BE RUO XI. If this end of world things really happening, please let me be transported back and be Ruo Xi haha. Except, I would not fare as well as she did because .. hell, I don’t know half the stuff she does and I’m definitely not be able to bite my tongue on a lot of issues that arise. Still, all that eye candy…

On a side note, I’m lining up a bunch of dramas from Lin Geng Xin and Yuan Hong to watch because they have won my heart. Hehehe. 


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