A compilation of the dramas I've watched and their corresponding ratings (according to me). Taking into account my personal bias, I've rated the dramas on two criteria - how much I enjoyed it, and how much substance it has, taking into consideration the construction of the drama and its worth cohesively. Most of these here will not have a comprehensive review featured on the site. If a drama is not on this list, it either means I watched it too long ago to give an accurate rating, I never watched it, or I dropped it early.


7 Days In Life - A light watch, nothing too serious, interesting plot and lovely chemistry between Steven and Sonija. 8/10; 7/10

A Kindred Spirit -
 One of, if not the, longest running sitcoms on TVB's repertoire and a worthwhile one at that. Heartwarming, engaging and so perfectly put together.

At Point Blank -
 A slightly typical family drama, with an underwhelming cast but the exploration of family issues was well done. 7/10; 7/10

Be Home For Dinner
 - Heartwarming and an enjoyable watch, yet it was harder to connect with some of the characters compared to previous sitcoms. I do have a soft spot for sitcoms though, because of the length of time I 'spend' with them. 8/10; 7/10

Bottled Passion 
- A drama that was worth the hype, with a fresh cast and a great execution of a familiar plot about a man seeking revenge on a family that has wronged him; hurting himself and the ones he loves in the process of doing so. 8/10 ; 8;10.

Catch Me Now - 
Damn, Damien Lau is so cool and masculine here. I love his whole little crew and their camaraderie and all the fun they get up to. Honestly, Joe and Fala are afterthoughts here. 9/10; 8/10

Colorful Life - 
A fun, and heartwarming ancient, family drama. With a fun cast and cute chemistry between the leads and family, it's an easy re-watch. 9/10; 8/10. 

Dance of Passion - 
Another series with quite an impressive cast however, it is rather slow paced. That being said, the storyline and relationships were intricate and thorough; a touching ending. 8/10; 8/10

Drive of Life - 
An amazing ensemble cast, let down by a script that was wrought with loopholes and awkward distribution of screen time, which meant that some side plots were under-developed and lacking. 7/10; 6.5/10

Every Move You Make - 
Bowie definitely carried this series, but he was amazing in it. The cases aren't perfect but still interesting. Despite claims of plagiarism, I'm up for explorations of different policing methods as long as it is innovative and does not conform to the norms TVB always uses. 8/10; 8/10

Forensic Heroes 3 - 
A diverse mix of good and lacking cases; though still interesting enough to engage. The romantic developments are slow for the main pair, yet excessively cheesy for the secondary couple. 7/10; 6.5/10

Gods of Honour - 
A childhood classic. Interesting, fun and action-packed for those who enjoy the ancient fantasy/wuxia genre. 9/10; 8/10

Gun Metal Grey - 
An intriguing ethical dilemma supports this drama, and does it well. A series of tragic events leads to unfortunate outcomes. With Felix and Michael as headliners, the acting is hard to fault. Sadly for Jessica, this is just another one of those dramas where she gets abducted - sometimes it feels like she's just another plot devices. 9/10; 9/10

In the Eye of the Beholder - Apart from providing some laughs, the drama didn't really have a strong storyline and the comedic timing felt off numerous times. There was so much they could've done with the historical characters but the focus on the romance and love triangles left the drama all over the place. 6/10; 6/10

Off Pedder - 
A fun sitcom revolving around the workplace and the colleague-friendships that are formed. With its focus on work relationships and romances though, there is less of a familial focus, so those who are after that, this might not be the sitcom for you. The actors are great here though! 9/10; 7/10

Only You - 
A refreshingly new subject matter, which was romantic with the right amount of comedy. Yoyo and Kevin had amazing chemistry and the exploration of the couples and their experiences were beyond adorable. 9/10; 8/10

Lives Of Omission - 
Intense and enjoyable however, there are many loopholes and flat characters. Bosco and Michael are great here, though the female counterparts don't add much value to the series. 8/10; 8/10

Marriage of Convenience - 
Fun, comedic but nothing outstanding. Nice chemistry between Angela and Bobby, but Bobby has better chemistry with many actresses. Good filler drama to uplift your mood. 6/10; 6/10

Mysteries of Love - 
A disappointment, honestly. Bernice's character was an interesting twist on the female caricatures that TVB tend to employ. Everyone else was boring, the cases were dull and the chemistry fizzled. 4/10; 5/10

Queen of Diamonds and Hearts 
- A laugh-along drama that only caught my attention because of Roger. It's pretty typical TVB style but still hits the spot, though nothing to write home about. 7/10 ; 6/10.

The Hippocratic Crush
 - An interesting drama that delves into the lives of medical interns. Solid, though nothing too outstanding apart from showcasing Kenneth Ma's potential as a leading actor. 7/10 ; 7/10. 

Tiger Cubs - 
This one is a stunner, haha. Intense and interesting, fast paced enough for me to overlook the lame romantic side plots. Heart-wrenching death in store as well. One of the recent gems from TVB's offerings, enough for me to recommend my mum to watch it. 9/10 ; 9/10

Triumph in the Skies - A decent drama, though a tad draggy, with lovely landscapes and an impressive ensemble cast. Added bonus of cameos from well-known stars such as Eason Chan and Twins. 8/10 ; 8/10.

War and Beauty - 
A fiasco of ancient manipulations and scheming in the war of the beauties. Exciting, suspenseful and shocking. Not to mention, a strong cast with strong performances to match.

War of In Laws II - Well paced, with enough conflict between the mother in law and the daughter in law, however, love conflict ambushed the plot and led it astray. Chemistry between the three leads are impeccable, and keep the series enjoyable. 8.5/10; 7/10

When a Dog Loves a Cat - So so cute - the dogs I mean. Definitely a drama for the dog lovers. The story revolving the humans was light-hearted and whilst Gallen and Myolie looked awkward together due to their age difference, their chemistry wasn't too bad, though nothing to write home about either.  8/10; 7/10

Wish and Switch -
 An interesting premise with a few slip ups with the execution, but an undemanding watch; great as a filler drama. 8/10; 6.5/10


Protect the Boss - A quirky yet fun drama that depicts the adorable relationship between a claustrophobic and unmotivated chaebol and a stubborn yet righteous heroine. Eye candy galore with Ji Sung and Jaejoong, not to mention the pretty ladies. Props for having love rivals who aren't actually unbearably annoying, but rather add to the heart warming factor. 10/10, 8.5/10

Fantasy Couple - Undeniably dramatic with a sassy (albeit sometimes annoying) heroine, and a ruggedly adorable hero, not to mention a hilarious, cowardly ex-husband. This drama was enjoyable and transformed me into a fan of the two leads. 9/10 ; 7/10.

Brilliant Legacy - A fresh pairing that adds so much to compelling love triangle that carried this drama. I loved the graceful yet scheming step-mother, but could have done without all the theatrics and makjang. 8/10 ; 7.5/10.

Delightful Girl Chun Hyang - An old favourite that I would probably be able to sit through again (I've seen it a couple of times already). Han Chae Young and Jae Hee were adorable here, and none of their performances that I've seen following this has done it for me the same way. 9/10 ; 8/10

Full House - Such an old drama, looking back though it was one of the first few I saw with english subtitles (as opposed to dubbed). One of those dramas that you get hooked onto whilst watching, but leaves you with a bit of an aftertaste. 8.5/10 ; 7/10

Hello! Miss - I adore the trio as individuals and as actors, but somehow the storyline fell apart. Still enjoyable and fluffy enough to watch without having to think much, and eye candy in the form of Ha Suk Jin. 7/10 ; 6/10

I Love Lee Tae Ri - Cute, adorable and a solid take on the body-swapping trend. Light-hearted with some fine acting, as long as you focus on the main coupling. 8.5/10; 7.5/10

Lovers - Amazingly complicated and dramatic, but the chemistry between the main couple drives this drama (which is unsurprising considering they dated not long after for numerous years). Also enjoyed the gangster backdrop, which made the male lead much hotter than he really was. 8/10, 7/10

Me Too, Flower! - Overall, average. There was something there, but it was fleeting and so inconsistent. Quite a shame. 4/10 ; 5/10

My Love Patzzi - An amazing cast which made the cliche storyline much more enjoyable. Though I'm obliged to say that considering that this drama is quite old, the storyline wasn't as overdone as it now is. Still fun! 8.5/10 ; 8/10

Quite a unique pick with its stories focusing on the stories of bringing new life into the world and the emotional stories that is intertwined with the ethical dilemmas the doctors face. 8/10; 8/10

Princess Lu Lu - Not the worst drama, but nothing too memorable. I really liked the leading actress though. 6/10 ; 5/10

My Girl - A favourite for many, and whilst I enjoyed it, I don't think I loved it as much as everyone else because Lee Da Hae's character was a bit too much at times, in my opinion. Still, an easy watch. 6.5/10 ; 7/10

Goong - Intriguing plot, however this was overrated. The chemistry and love square became the sustaining factor, as the political drama dragged the series out. Regardless, the drama was still memorable and lovely to watch. 8/10 ; 7.5/10

Myung-wol the Spy - This drama started out so lovely, with so many things done right. Loved Han Ye Seul and Eric in it, however, too many real-life complications transcended into the drama and it showed. Lee Jin Wook was a lovely surprise too. Since I was a sucker for the cast, I blindly let me thoughts slide whilst watching. 8/10 ; 6.5/10 

Oh! My Lady - Whilst the chemistry between the leads were lukewarm, the characters themselves (individually) were pleasant to watch. The changes the male lead goes through was nice to watch. 7/10 ; 6.5/10

Personal Taste - Wasn't much of a fan of Lee Min Ho, but this drama changed that. He was ever so charming in here, with his killer smile and Son Ye Jin, though underused was spot-on as the messy and inexperienced protagonist. Also, there chemistry was amazing.. and that kiss had me squealing. Towards the end, the story makes a turn for the worse but overall, I liked the drama. 9/10 ; 7/10.

Secret Garden - Honestly, Hyun Bin was the highlight of this drama. I love his character and whilst the storyline was good, it left me unsatisfied several times. Also, Lee Jong Suk really caught my eyes here. 8.5/10 ; 7/10 

Story of a Man - One of the most thrilling and addictive K-dramas I've seen in a while. Tight writing, amazing editing and directing and the acting was top notch. I've always overlooked Park Shi Yeon as an actress due to My Girl, but she's great here. Park Yong Ha is perfectly stoic, however, Kim Kang Woo as the antagonist is flawless. Park Ki Woong was a surprise pleasure. Actually, I want to wax lyrical about the whole cast because everyone was perfect. The pacing of the drama was impeccable and kept me on edge. While it borders on overwhelmingly heavy territory at times, I couldn't peel my eyes away from the screen. 10/10 ; 10/10

The Vineyard Man  - Average and underwhelming. I watched this after Goong, because of Yoon Eun Hye (I'm sure most watched it for her) yet it was a let-down. Not horrible, but there are many other great dramas out there to kill your hours with instead. 5/10 ; 4/10 

Who Are You? - A surprisingly heart-warming and cute drama. Yoon Kye Sang and the father were definitely the highlights. The story and directly wasn't flawless, nor was the pacing, however, it left me satisfied at the end. 8/10 ; 8/10.

Witch Amusement - I'll be honest: I watched this for all the eye candy. I mean, Dennis Oh is damn yummy (just not here, go back to Sweet Spy for hot Dennis); Jae Hee is so charismatic (once again, redirect to Delightful Girl Chun Hyang) and Kim Jung Hoon won me over from Goong. And Han Ga In is usually adorable. However, even the cast couldn't save this drama. It wasn't a trainwreck perse, because nothing really happened. Like, at all. 4/10 ; 4/10

Autumn Story - So so so dramatic. And borders on incest. I don't know. I couldn't find it in me to buy into the love story or enjoy this drama. 2/10 ; 4/10

Star in My Heart - I actually wanted to go back and rewatch this a while back, but it's probably better not to. I adored this back then and despite the horrible fashions of that time (looking back on fashion is always cringeworthy though) I really adored this movie. And Ahn Jae Wook was so hot back then. Such a sweet drama, I'm amazed I can still remember some scenes (they're coming back to me in flashbacks haha). 8/10 ; 7/10


Meteor Garden - I don't care what anybody says, this drama was the pioneer of all TW idol dramas. I mean, I didn't watch it in its prime, but I can only imagine the madness. I STILL saw TV shirts of my beloved F4 FIVE years after the drama, in AUSTRALIA. Yes, be amazed. They were the ones who got me on the internet, reading fanfics and giving idol dramas a chance. So.. this has so much sentimental value to me, that I can never say anything bad about it. And I've watched it almost five times or more. 10/10;10/10

Mars - A truly gripping and thrilling watch. I love how it dares to delve into so many issues, and at times, very heavy territory. Especially during that period, I feel like it was a break out drama that really challenged the parameters of TW dramaland. I may be bias because I'm married to Vic Zhou in my imagination, but I truly recommend this to anyone who wants to escape all the sugary fluff that is characteristic of so many TW dramas. The characters and their stories are so delicate, yet so powerful. 10/10; 10/10

Love Storm - As much as I wanted to love this drama, I didn't feel for it the same way I did with so many other Vic dramas. But that's okay, I'm sure it was one of those testing-the-waters, being-an-accidental-celebrity dramas instead of his I-want-to-be-a-true-actor-and-challenge-myself type of drama. But Zai Zai was hot on his motorcycle, so bonus points for that. 7.5/10; 6/10

Smile Pasta - So much sugar and fluff. But Nicholas brings something special to his character that makes him that .. sad but lovable hero. Cyndi is bearable but borders on annoying with her incessant squeakiness that is so typical of TW heroines. I adore her family and how supportive they are though, it was cute to watch. 8.5/10; 7/10

100% Senorita - Hmm, quite an interesting story line though it was dragged out a bit. A likeable cast with great chemistry. I adored Penny and Wallace here, and Joe Chen overacted sometimes though she had a natural cuteness to her. 8.5/10; 7.5/10

18 Jin Bu Jin - I have no idea how I sat through this. I must've been super bored. It was all over the place and not at all worth the time. 3/10; 3/10

At the Dolphin Bay - A cute and appropriately sweet drama, where I first fell for Wallace's aloof but thoughtful character. Angela was better than her usual mediocrity. Ambrose was alright, but he's never been able to "pull" me into his charms. Enjoyable and fun. 8.5/10; 8/10. 

Black and White – I’m going to unashamedly wax lyrical about this epic drama. Vic Zhou turns in a stellar performance, one truly worthy of the  Best Actor he missed out on (outrage!). Everyone else was on point as well. Amazing cinematography, impeccable characters and an intricately woven plot; I can hardly fault anything. I followed this drama from the start (pre-production) and I know this has been years in the making (conceived after Mars) yet the director was waiting on the technology to bring his baby to life. And that he did. 10/10; 10/10

Brown Sugar Macchiato – If you’re not in high school, don’t watch this. It will make you want to facepalm numerously. It’s very cutesy and definitely not something you’d want to watch with a switched-on brain because it’s very random. 7/10; 4/10

Devil Beside You -  I enjoyed this drama, but there was something … off about it that I didn’t quite like. I feel like this is one of those dramas which you get hooked onto whilst watching, only to look back and realise it wasn’t all that. If you’re into cute couples bickering and cute second lead, then this might be worth a watch. 7.5/10;6.5/10

Fated to Love You – I really liked how this drama ventured into one night stands and pregnancies out of wedlock; all whilst building up a Cinderella-esque love story to satisfy the hopeless romantics in us. This was one of the dramas I really enjoyed Joe Chen in and I understand how this drama catapulted Ethan Ruan to his fame. 9.5/10; 9/10

My Lucky Star - First things first, Jimmy Lin doesn't age! He's still so babyfaced! I really enjoyed this drama and appreciated that they didn't drag it too much when they skipped a couple of years at the end. 8.5/10; 8/10

Nine Ball - I was never able to sit through ISWAK because it was way too sugary for my taste, but Nine Ball is probably the only drama that I liked Joe Cheng in. He was cute as the quiet protector of Beatrice and I feel that a drama about billiards is rare, though rather interesting. 7.5/10; 7/10

PS Man – I’ve heard plenty of good things about this drama prior to watching it, however, I can’t utter the same myself. I found Sonia’s character rather uninspiring and typical of many TW dramas. Blue was definitely more charismatic here than I expected, but still didn’t get me swooning. 5/10; 5/10

Silence – I think it was a smart choice to cast Park Eun Hye here, because her character isn’t required to speak, only act and she did that well. I slightly cringe to imagine any other better known TW actress at that time taking that role where the only means of expression was facial expression and body language. Another reason why I adored this drama is obviously (with bias) because of Vic. He looked so dashing here, in his suits and v necks (drools). This drama was quite an emotional rollercoaster, but it was so damn satisfying. 10/10; 9.5/10 

My Fair Princess/Princess Pearl – An adorable drama that led to the discovery Ruby Lin, Vicki Zhao, Alec Su and Fan Bing Bing. The first drama was probably the best; introducing the cute characters that bring me endless laughter, to the heartwarming moments between the cast and ultimately, did it not unnecessarily drag out the ending. 10/10; 9.5/10

My Fair Princess/Princess Pearl 2 – Things took a turn for the dramatic in this instalment, but the romantic relationships developed and further father-daughter moments compensated for all the unnecessary grief. 9/10; 9/10

My Fair Princess/Princess Pearl 3 - An unnecessary addition to the series, especially with the replacement of most of the main cast. I tried to be open to the changes, but honestly, the charms of the first two parts were lost here. 4/10;4/10

Snow Angel - There were some sweet bits, yet it was littered with depressingly dramatic episodes. I'd prefer to remember the good bits and overlook the badly done bits. 7/10;7/10

The Duke of Mount Deer 2000 - I love Dicky Cheung and his comedic timing is flawless. His chemistry with Ruby was impeccable, but honestly he always brings it. I adore this so much. 10/10;9.5/10

Summer's Desire - The chemistry between the cast was undeniable in that the scenes were so intense, and the representations of the different types and aspects of love was very well done. The story line was thoroughly enjoyable. I've got to say that the drama did such a poor job of showcasing Huang Xiao Ming's hotness. What is with that wig!? 9/10;9/10

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2003 – I really liked this drama, and I adore the cast here. Alyssa Chia is a wonderful actress, adding enough spunk without being nauseously cute. I think this was a pretty great adaptation of the story. 9/10; 8.5/10

Corner with Love - Adorable, so adorable. I actually can't bring myself to watch the heartbreak towards the end, however fleeting. It's a riches to rags story which isn't new, but the cast brings something magical to it. 9/10; 9/10

Westside Story - Full of pretty, but not very memorable for being a good drama. 6/10;5/10

Why Why Love - Why Why did I watch this drama? It is loaded with unnecessary drama that had me groaning 'Really?' and roll my eyes. After seeing Kingone's other performances, he could do so much better than be the pretty boy in the backdrop of Mike and Rainie's love drama. 5/10; 5/10 

Romance in the White House - I'm not a Peter Ho fan, but I enjoyed him here, especially since his chemistry with Yuan Quan was so cute and admirable. I do adore the love story as well, and I still remember the quote where someone said that a love that wasn't to be is sometimes the one that stays with us for life, because it is unmarred, because we cling onto only the sweet memories of that time. Gush. 9/10; 8.5/10


Bu Bu Jing Xin - Literally amazeballs. I love this because it is the perfect combination of beautiful writing, stunning cinematography, impeccable acting with a kick-ass cast and the chemistry to boot. An amazing drama through and through. A definite must watch, though not for the faint heart because this is an intricately written love story fitted with so much angst and tragedy. I have a love-hate relationship with this drama because it reels you in then crushes you. And, this drama led to my discovery of certain talented and good looking actors, score! 10/10; 10/10 (Initial 1-13; Mid 16 - 17 ; Mid 20 - 21; Mid 25-27 ; Final 30 - 35)


Life – Life is one of those J-doramas that revolves around high school life, yet teaches a lesson beyond that. It is fresh and realistic and yet in its own way, tragic. I enjoyed it thoroughly. 8.5/10; 8.5/10
Liar Game – Liar Game is intelligent and it is wonderful at making the viewer feel involved. All the characters have so much at stake, and due to this, it’s like the viewers are peeking into their psyches and seeing who these people are at heart – removed from all the politeness that surrounds social etiquette. We see them at their most vulnerable and most calculating. It’s such an intense and suspenseful watch, but ever so satisfying. 9.5/10; 10/10
BOSS – Such a refreshing crime investigation series, with a spunky heroine and a diverse team. Erika Toda is quirky here and yet she’s so endearing. The cases were exciting and the unveils were either appropriate or laced with humour – so fun. 9.5/10; 9/10.
BOSS Season 2 – A slight letdown from the first season, losing some of the sass and excitement. Honestly, the second season is rather forgettable and whilst we have some new faces, we get less of Erika Toda which is no fun. 8/10; 7.5/10
1 Litre of Tears – Pretty sure this was my first J-dorama and it was so, so good. It’s definitely a tear-jerker, but it tells such a worthy and moving story. The fact that it’s based on a true journey of degenerative disease with a fabricated love story is so bittersweet. Whilst the love story added a dimension to the drama, it makes me even sadder for the girl who never had that love in her life. 10/10; 10;10